Activation for Comcast Xfinity:

Install your new cable modem:

You should have the Comcast Xfinity account information in hand like account number of your cable service and the phone number which is linked with your account for activation. This is easily available on your monthly bill. Comcast also have the cable modem i.e. MAC ADDRESS, you should also have the cable modem model name, model number, and serial number. This information is at the back or bottom of the cable modem.

Activate your Device With xfinity.com/authorize

Activate Your Comcast and connect it to your TV.

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Lets Activate Your Device
you need to follow some steps
1. First Launch the app and click on get started Button.

2. Activation code screen appear on the screen just visit the xfinity.com/authorize from your device and continue the process.

3. Now enter your six-digit key code.

4. If you have an account with xfinity.com/authorize then enter the username and password, otherwise you need to create an account.

5. Now your browser is display successfully.

6. Now you need to press the “YES” button for terms and condition if you press the “No Thanks” button you will be back to the first step.

7. Enter your device name.

8. Now you are ready to use the app.

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First review the quick start instruction guide which comes with your cable modem, then turn off and unplug all existing routers and modems. After this turn off the computer to activate the device. Secondly use an Ethernet cable instead of wireless connection during setup time. Then follow the Quick Start instructions to connect your cable. Please ensure that your coaxial cable is properly tightened from both ends.


If your cables are properly connected then turn on your cable modem. If the online light is on steady, then start the Comcast activation process. Then turn on the computer system which is connected to the cable modem. After this open the browser on your computer which is connected to the cable modem, then refresh the screen and go to the website. This brings your browser to the registration page, then follow all the instruction on the registration page, to register your modem. If the activation page does not open then go to www.xfinity.com/activate to activate your modem. Then follow all the instruction and give your Comcast account number and phone number connected to the account. But if the page does not appear then delete the default/ existing DNS server on the computer, then access Comcast activation page again.

Customer Assistance:

If you are facing some problem in the installation, and activation process then you can contact the customer care of Xfinity. As the executives, there are so well trained that they easily solve your problem in short period. As there is no wastage of your time, they are available for you 24/7. You can also call on their toll free number at any time at any place.

Why you should not have expired antivirus in your device?

You should not have expired antivirus in your device because expired antivirus loses its features and it does not give kind of protection to your device. You should install Www.Webroot.com/safe in your device as it gives updates timely. www.avg.com/retail also gives updates and every update comes with more security patches for your device. So, if your device is secure you can install any software like MS Office via www.office.com/setup.