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Lets Activate Your Device
you need to follow some steps
1. First Launch the app and click on get started Button.

2. Activation code screen appear on the screen just visit the from your device and continue the process.

3. Now enter your six-digit key code.

4. If you have an account with then enter the username and password, otherwise you need to create an account.

5. Now your browser is display successfully.

6. Now you need to press the “YES” button for terms and condition if you press the “No Thanks” button you will be back to the first step.

7. Enter your device name.

8. Now you are ready to use the app.,, Activate Your Device, Xfinity Setup, Xfinity help, Activate Xfinity, Xifinity com Authorize, www Xifinity com Authorize, Xfinity Installation Guide, Xfinity Activate,

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